Bow Tie Removals Bondi

Need a local Bondi furniture removalist to do the hard work? Bow Tie Removals Bondi are the simple answer. We take all the stress out of moving. From start to finish we handle all the stuff making it easy for our customers to do what they know best.

20yrs Removals in Bondi

We have been removing and placing furniture for over 20 years in the Bondi area. Bow Tie Removals Bondi will save you lots of hassle by completing the job with no damage to your furniture. We take high priority to ensure that total respect will be given to the surrounding spaces. Furniture will always be moved in a safe manner by only qualified Removalists who show lots of pride in what they do best.

Bow Tie Removals Bondi 2026 Survival

We know the Bondi 2026 area really well. Our survival in Bondi has been due to a strong presence of word of mouth with Bondi Residents. Bondi is a high moving area. Every week at least 20 flats are vacated and then moved back in. This equates to over 1000 moves a year. Winter is a quieter time in Bondi and you can normally get good reductions on rent. In Summer time rents can be more expensive.

At Bow Tie Removals Bondi we are happy to give you a quote for a full house of furniture or even a few items. We offer competitive prices and are available on short notice to complete even some of the biggest jobs.