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Taxi Trucks Sydney

Our Taxi trucks at Bowtie Removals can handle the smallest to the biggest size jobs. Taxi trucks may have several different meanings. We are going to give you a few different instances on how our taxi trucks can be of help when you are moving in Sydney.

What are taxi trucks

Taxi trucks are normally related to two different type of services:

The first service may include the hiring of a driver & truck. The customers pay an hourly rate from start to finish. The starting location will be from our depot and the first stop will be your location. Our driver will meet you and give you loading access to our truck so all items: eg furniture, appliances, boxes and all safe material can be safely loaded. You are also responsible if you damage anything in our van which may include and not limited to only panels and lights. You are totally responsible for the safety of yourself and the goods you load into our van. Please let us know of any dangerous or flammable materials. Once you load the goods into our van we will secure and tie. Please read our removals insurance section to know how to protect your goods while on the move.

If you choose that we load the truck, all items will need to be placed in an area specified by our experienced taxi truck driver. Even if you choose this option we are still not responsible or liable for any damages to your goods. We don’t know the condition of your furniture and items prior to loading of the truck. We will provide blankets and any other products which will protect your items while in the truck. There may be a fee for some protective products.

What our taxi driver can’t do.

  • We can’t assist you with the carrying of any items including, furniture, appliances or any other materials
  • Why: Our staff are only insured to carry items with other members of our team who are qualified to do so.
  • Moving goods is a specialised job which takes a lot of skill and experience.
  • Moving goods needs planning for all those involved.
  • Carrying goods is a partnership between those involved.

What can our taxi drivers do.

  • They may advise you on the order in which you should prepare items for loading.
  • Why: A smartly loaded truck can save on trips back and forth – saving you money.
  • We may advice you on the best way to protect your furniture.
  • We may help with the carrying of small boxes.
  • Transport your goods with our taxi trucks to your new location and prepare them to be unloaded.

Using a taxi truck service can be a good way to save money. It is generally for those who want more hands on or do it yourself. This can be a good way of moving. Please keep in mind that it will take a lot of preparation. Hiring out our taxi trucks with a driver means you are entering into a contract for us to be at your location at a time pre-booked in advance. If you are not prepared for your goods or items of furniture to be loaded into the truck, this is not our problem. We advise that you should have all goods ready and placed in an area as close as possible to the space which you have reserved for our taxi truck. The final cost will depend on your pace and the time taken between the two locations and back to our base.